About Accsys

Accsys is a fast growing business with a purpose:

Changing wood to change the world.

We combine chemistry, technology and ingenuity to make high performance wood products that are extremely durable and stable, opening new opportunities for the built environment.

By doing so, we give the world a choice to build sustainably.

We transform fast-growing, FSC® certified wood into a building material with better characteristics than man-made, intensely resource depleting and heavily carbon-polluting alternatives.

Our acetylated wood not only competes on performance, but also benefits the circular economy, locks away carbon for years, and comes from completely sustainable sources.

Our proprietary acetylation process boosts the already naturally occurring acetyl content of wood and by doing so, reduces the ability of the wood to absorb water, rendering it more dimensionally stable and because it is no longer digestible, extremely durable.

Our process is extremely efficient and locks carbon into a long-life product.

Our main products, which we manufacture and own the proprietary production rights for, are Accoya® solid acetylated wood and Tricoya®  acetylated wood chips for use in MDF panel manufacture.

Both are suitable for public and domestic use, exterior and interior, are made from sustainable wood, and have better performance and characteristics than hardwoods, plastics and aluminium. You can currently see our products most often in joinery/millwork (windows and doors), cladding/siding, and decking.

We are committed to a more sustainable world, and use abundantly available, FSC® certified wood sources.  Accsys’ products fit perfectly in the bio-cycle of the
circular economy, with Accoya being Cradle to Cradle Certified™ at the Gold level and Platinum for Material Health.


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Accoya® - the building material for the circular economy

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Our Operations

Accsys is many things – a chemical technology company, a wood processing and modified wood producing business, an acetylation plant builder and operator, a sales, marketing, support and distribution operation, and more.

Our head office is in London, and we currently have one main Accoya® production site and office complex in Arnhem, NL, and we are building a new Tricoya® plant in Hull, UK.

Our Accoya® production plant in Arnhem, Netherlands, now has a capacity of around 60,000m3 of wood per year – and demand has surpassed our supply for the last two years, so we are planning for even further expansion soon.

Construction is in progress to build and operate the world’s first Tricoya® plant. This joint venture, along with consortium investors BP, Medite, BGF and Volantis, will produce Tricoya® wood chips, used to make MDF panels suitable for outdoor use – currently we use some of our Accoya® solid wood to make those chips, and this new venture will be much more efficient.

We are also working on developing further potential ventures and operations around the world.

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Construction on Hull plant in June 2019