Development Analyst - Arnhem, NL

Job role: Development Analyst

Reports to: Quality Manager

Working hours: Office hours

Brief job description:

The following activities are part of the R & D Lab Development Analyst’s duties:

  • Setting up and executing projects in the field of process development and quality.  These kind of projects are run in cooperation with different departments; you will be working together with Production, Process Development and Product Development.  The goal of these projects is to improve processing efficiency while keeping quality at the same or at an improved level.
  • Laboratory Management. Making sure that the laboratory is in optimal condition; all equipment should be ready for production and analysis.
  • Registering the Accoya® production data on the basis of the standard analysis in a database.  Judging the data obtained and, in case of deviations, make inquiries about the reason for deviation and report this in the database. Analyse the deviation and act accordingly.
  • Undertaking quality control. Model development is an important part of this work.
  • Performing analyses on various process flows with the aid of GC, ICP and refractometry methods.
  • Supporting quality and process-related research. Because the organisation is still young, a lot of time and effort are invested in research and development.
  • Supporting the production department for the various quality checks.

This role operates in a team of three people.

Job requirements:

A completed HLO course or equivalent. Relevant work experience as an analyst. Good command of the Dutch and English languages.

More information:

For more information about the position, please contact Jessica van Zetten, Quality Manager on +31 (0)26-320 1400.

How to apply?

Send your CV and covering letter to Accsys at