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Procurement Specialist

Joined Accsys:  September 2019


What made you want to work with Accsys?

Having worked in the aerospace industry for six years, I was looking to join:

  • A fast-growing manufacturing firm with a sustainable focus
  • A developing procurement team where I could hopefully make a difference
  • A firm with opportunities to develop my career, ideally in central London

Based on this fairly niche list – you can imagine how pleased I was to join Accsys!


What might a typical work day or week look like for you? 

I will regularly visit either Arnhem or Hull, where our operations are located, to better understand the needs of the colleagues I work on behalf of. Procurement is a ‘support function’ so this is a vital part of my job.

I’ll then be busy engaging with existing or potential suppliers to put in place contracts to meet these needs. This will often involve visiting a supplier’s facility – always a good opportunity to assess their suitability as a partner for Accsys.

The work is very varied. A typical day might see me meeting potential suppliers of new mechanical equipment with the programme team or negotiating a supply contract in conjunction with the technical and legal team.


What do you most enjoy about being part of Accsys?

I love being part of a small, fast-growing company where you can directly see the impact of the projects you work on. This comes with increased pressure but also satisfaction.

A capex project delivered on time or opex cost saving has a tangible impact on the success of the firm, even more so than at the larger firms I have previously worked for.


Are you proud to work here, and why?

I am very proud to work at Accsys. The company has developed sustainable, proprietary processes and has exciting growth plans.