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Marketing Manager

When did you join Accsys:

August 2023

What did you do before Accsys?:

I began my career originally in the hospitality industry, completed the Hilton GM Program, and subsequently worked as a Cluster Marketing & PR Manager for Hilton Austria. In the last 5 years, I led the marketing team of Swiftpak, a packaging company, and Haiken, an office furniture manufacturer.

What made you want to work for Accsys?

What really drew me to Accsys was the company’s outstanding commitment to sustainability. I was equally impressed by the innovative nature and uniqueness of the product offerings. It felt like the perfect place to contribute my skills while working towards something meaningful.

What might a typical work day or week look like for you? 

In my role at Accsys, the concept of a ‘typical day’ is quite fluid and dynamic. My work involves a broad range of activities, from developing strategic marketing plans that resonate with our overarching goals, to getting stuck into crafting detailed case studies that highlight our unique offerings. This mix of strategic planning and hands-on tasks not only contributes significantly to our broader objectives but also keeps me deeply engaged with the impactful work we do daily.

What do you most enjoy about being part of Accsys?

One of the aspects I truly appreciate about being part of Accsys is the opportunity to utilize my language skills in an international setting. Working alongside a diverse range of cultures enriches my professional experience and offers unique perspectives. Additionally, witnessing Accoya projects come to fruition, as it’s a tangible reflection of our collective efforts and innovation. The camaraderie among colleagues significantly enhances my day-to-day experience. Participating in social activities like the Cake Club, although I took a break in January, highlights the enjoyable and collaborative work environment we have.

What are you most proud of since joining?

In the relatively short time I’ve been with Accsys, I’ve had the opportunity to organize our presence at the Swissbau exhibition which included the development of a new mini-brochure. These projects have been great learning experiences and stepping stones. Looking ahead, I’m enthusiastic about the prospect of building upon these initial efforts. I believe the most impactful achievements of my role are still ahead of me.

What’s the secret to success at Accsys?

Having been at Accsys for only a short period, I’ve observed that those who have been here longer all share a common trait: a deep passion and commitment to our products. It’s something that stands out and is truly admirable. The enthusiasm and devotion they show is something I believe significantly contributes to the success of Accsys as a whole.