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Content on this page is extracted from the Accsys Technologies PLC Annual Report 2020

Sustainability and our environmental impact

At the core of our business is a strong belief that we have a collective social responsibility to tackle climate change, reduce waste and pollution and move to a more circular economy.

We act on this through the use and development of our technology and products, providing high-performance renewable, sustainable and ecologically responsible materials for use in the built environment.

This is why our purpose is ‘changing wood to change the world’.

Accoya® and Tricoya® are made from fast-growing, certified responsibly sourced and managed trees. As the trees grow, they convert atmospheric carbon dioxide through photosynthesis into wood, before being felled and new trees planted in their place. As a consequence, CO2 is locked out of the natural carbon cycle during the lifespan of the wood or wood product. Typically, through decay or incineration, the carbon will eventually be released again into the atmosphere in the form of CO2.

Accsys' sustainable business model

Our acetylation process enhances that wood to have a product life of 70+ years, meaning generations of new trees can grow while keeping that carbon safely locked in a useful form. Due to the non-toxic nature, at the end of its life, Accoya® can be recycled similarly to any other natural wood or even turned into Tricoya® wood elements – locking the CO2 in for another 70+ years – and Tricoya® panels can be recycled like other panel products. In this way our products not only act as long-term carbon sinks, but also fit very well into the circular economy.

In fact, Accoya® is the only building product perfectly fitting in the bio-cycle of the circular economy, Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold with an unbeatable Platinum rating for Material Health. This means it is not only very sustainable to produce and in use, but also certifies that it does not achieve its durability through toxic or environmentally harmful additives.

We are proud that Accoya® wood offers this level of ecological benefit without compromising on quality: it has matching or better performance than typical non-renewable techno-cycle building products such as plastics and metals, which come with the cost of non-biodegradable pollution and high carbon footprints.

Every time Accoya® or Tricoya® are chosen for use in place of less sustainable alternatives, we and our customers are making a positive impact on the world.

1 cubic metre of Accoya® wood:

  • is grown every 2.3 seconds in New Zealand forests;
  • locks in 433kg of CO2e for 50+ years, even accounting for CO2e from production and transport;
  • avoids 765kg of CO2e emissions on average when used in place of man-made materials;
  • resulting in an environmental benefit of -1198kg of CO2e per cubic metre of Accoya® used.