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OSU - Accoya used in largest USA mass timber project

Largest mass timber project in North America

When scoping their new campus buildings, the Faculty of Forestry at Oregon State University were set on making a statement about the use of wood products in large scale, high performance building design.

The buildings, designed by Michael Green Architects and built by Andersen Construction, are the primary teaching and faculty building and an open plan structural testing building.

The three-story teaching building has a footprint of 80,687ft2 and has a unique exterior combination of glass and Accoya® wood, on a cross-laminated timber structure fabricated by D.R. Robinson. The building aptly demonstrates the opportunity that exists for large scale, high performance timber buildings in North America.

The 16,000ft2 A.A. “Red” Emmerson Advanced Wood Products Laboratory houses sophisticated manufacturing systems to take innovative research to the next level. The laboratory building, also clad with Accoya, is the first large scale use of the Mass Plywood building concept.

140,000 board feet of Accoya® cladding are being installed on the two buildings. As part of the Accoya® specification process, lead contractor Andersen Construction visited the Accoya plant and a number of other Accoya installations on buildings in the Netherlands.

Location: Oregon, USA

Architect: Michael Green