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The green market is growing rapidly


of CO2 emissions from global energy use and processes accounted for by building & construction

Sustainable materials

We need to address energy use and carbon dioxide emissions in all areas, and building and construction is no exception. Accsys’ products can help significantly lower the environmental costs of our buildings.

Source: GABC


of the urban development required by 2030 is yet to be built (2019) - we can build back better

An opportunity to change

Often the choice is between high performance and high sustainability. We have created circular economy, bio-cycle friendly building materials that match or outperform synthetic, non-renewable and highly polluting alternatives.

Source: World Economic Forum


of consumers would change their habits to reduce their environmental impact

Building a better world

People, governments and businesses are making decisions to improve the future for our planet, and products like ours can act as technological tipping points that enable more positive sustainable choices.

Source: Nielsen

Competing with existing materials

Trees sequester CO2 from the atmosphere, trapping it safely. By turning fast-growing, sustainable wood into long-lasting, high-performance building materials, our products can actually help the environment while still performing better than unsustainable, highly resource-depleting or heavily carbon dioxide producing alternatives such as PVC and aluminium.


sequestered in our products sold in FY23

Sustainability, specification and cost

Accoya® has been assessed to have a service life of up to 90 years and we offer a 50 year above ground and 25 year in-ground or freshwater warranty for both Accoya® and Tricoya®. This means our products are cost-efficient over their life cycles, all while being more environmentally responsible.


service life


warranty above ground

Sustainable Building Products

Sourced from forests certified sustainable by the FSC® (C012330) and other international organisations, the wood we use is endlessly renewable, and the main resources used are atmospheric CO2 and sunlight.

Generations of new trees can grow over the extended lifetime of our products, and the net effect is even carbon negative – safely trapping carbon for decades of use before recycling.

Circular Economy Bio-cycle

Our products fit into the circular economy bio-cycle: renewable, recyclable and environmentally responsible.

Often, in the past, the choice has been between high performance techno-cycle materials or sustainable but inferior eco-friendly materials. Our products are fully bio-cycle compliant, with performance that matches or exceeds unsustainable techno-cycle alternatives.