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Accsys considers these to be the 5 pillars of its investment proposition: 


Our products provide a sustainable solution to the increasing problem facing the substantial and growing building materials industry. They offer equal or better performance properties compared to the highest performing non-sustainable, man-made and fossil-based materials. In addition, they benefit from all the positive attributes of wood – such as sustainability, strength, beauty – without the potential drawbacks of poor durability and stability.

As a result, our estimates, based upon expert advice and detailed market studies, are that in excess of 2.6 million cubic metres per annum of Accoya® and Tricoya® can be sold. This would be a small fraction of the global solid wood industry. This represents a long-term and substantial growth opportunity, noting in the year ended 31 March 2022 we sold 59,649 cubic metres of Accoya®.

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Demand is growing for environmentally-friendly alternatives in everyday life, and in every sector of manufacturing. More and more regions are adopting monitoring, reporting and regulation of the total environmental impact of materials and construction projects, and both consumers and businesses are rejecting plastics in favour of more sustainable materials.

We transform fast-growing, FSC® certified wood into a building material with better characteristics than man-made, intensely resource depleting and heavily carbon-polluting alternatives. Our acetylated wood not only competes on performance, but also benefits the circular economy, locks away carbon for years, and comes from completely sustainable sources.

We have obtained numerous certifications and accreditations including Accoya® being Cradle to Cradle Certified™ at the Gold level.

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We have developed innovative, proprietary and protected technologies which chemically modify wood through an acetylation process. The resulting products benefit from exceptional dimensional stability, durability and many other qualities as well as being environmentally sustainable.

Our products are first in class and leading the revolution of modified woods in a growing building industry which is starting to recognise and adopt the significant long term benefits of such materials.

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Our manufacturing process and modular industrial design is based upon confidential know-how and protected IP which can be expanded and replicated world-wide.

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Our Board and Senior Management team are highly committed and experienced, with varied backgrounds including from the wood, chemical, operations, marketing and finance industries.

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