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Our acetylated wood products are durable, stable and sustainable.

Manufactured with our proprietary process, Accoya® solid wood and Tricoya® wood elements combine high quality with outstanding performance, have a 50 year above ground and 25 year in-ground or freshwater warranty, and match or outperform unsustainable, highly resource-depleting and carbon polluting alternatives.

Accoya acetylated wood for cladding, decking, windows, doors and more


Accoya® is real, solid wood setting the benchmark for material performance, finish and sustainability. These unparalleled credentials make Accoya® wood the ideal material for windows, doors, shutters, decking, cladding and much more.


Unrivalled warranty, exceptional stability and durability, bespoke sizes and finishes, and the most sustainable wood available to meet the most demanding requirements.

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Produced from FSC® certified wood at our plant in Arnhem, Netherlands, with Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold sustainable and responsible production credentials.

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Imagine an MDF panel, truly durable and stable enough for use outdoors and in wet environments. Tricoya® wood elements and Tricoya® panels from our licensees bring that dream to life.


Combining the sustainability, durability and stability from our acetylation process with the ease of use and quality finish of MDF.

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Currently made by chipping Accoya®, a dedicated Tricoya® acetylated wood chip production facility is under construction in Hull, UK.

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OSU - Accoya used in largest USA mass timber project

Largest mass timber project in North America

When scoping their new campus buildings, the Faculty of Forestry at Oregon State University were set on making a statement about the use of wood products in large scale, high performance building design. The buildings, designed by Michael Green Architects ...

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'Wood City' in Helsinki

A new building complex is underway in downtown Helsinki, Finland. The complex is being developed in two phases, with the first phase consisting of residential buildings and the second phase including a hotel, offices and a courtyard. The project began ...

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Accoya wood windows, door, steps and more - Cork House, Berkshire, UK

Carbon Neutral House

An innovative new home in Berkshire, United Kingdom, has been built mainly out of cork. This is a very unconventional method of building, yet one that is very sustainable. The residential home is carbon-neutral and has already won the 2019 ...

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The Accoya® wood production process and its future developments can be licensed to interested parties wishing to operate their own Accoya® plant and develop their markets.

Tricoya® offers licensees the opportunity to supply high performance, durable, environmentally compatible acetylated wood flakes, fibres or particles to new and existing customers.

Arnhem offices showing Accoya wall

Procurement and Supply Chain

Accsys is committed to conducting business sustainably, with integrity and openness, and to being ethically, environmentally and socially responsible.

In addition to producing sustainable products, we aim to conduct our business in a way that supports and promotes good environmental, social and corporate responsibility.