Our Values - Accsys Technologies PLC
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Accsys has a global opportunity to make an impact through our purpose:

“Changing wood to change the world”

We aim to succeed and grow as a business, led by this purpose, following our strategy, and acting in accordance with our values.

Our values represent what we believe in, and we each use them to guide our strategy and actions. We are ambitious, we respect each other and those around us, and we are committed to safety, quality and sustainability.

Accsys purpose, values and strategy

Be ambitious – the world depends on us

Our ambition is to change the world – it doesn’t get much bigger than that.

We must be bold, agile and committed to our goals. We have to be ‘all in’, and move quickly and decisively.

To achieve our ambitions we may make mistakes, but we must not be afraid to try. We will always learn from the experience.

Respect and value all stakeholders

Everyone we work with and encounter is important – our colleagues, customers, partners, suppliers, investors and more.

We act with integrity and authenticity, encourage collaboration, and build trust through inclusion and mutual respect.

As a team, we will succeed.

Be committed to safety, quality and sustainability

No matter how ambitious we are, safety is of the utmost importance in everything we do. We all share responsibility for protecting people, property and the environment at all times.

We must strive to fulfil our brand promise and delight our customers. We will always deliver consistently high quality.

Sustainability and our impact on society are central to what we do – not just for our products, but also how we operate.  They guide our decision-making throughout the business.

Working towards our purpose, acting in accordance with our values, and pursuing our strategy we aim to grow both our business and our positive impact on the world.