Accsys Business Model - Creating Opportunities for the Built Environment
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Our Strategy

The strategic priorities that will enable us to achieve our goals and fulfil the substantial growth potential for our business:

Content on this page includes extracts from the Accsys Annual Report 2023, in which more information about our strategy and business model can be read

1. Grow product demand

Developing market opportunities to drive revenue growth.

Our focus:

  • Drive sales growth in key markets and categories
  • Superior customer relationships, service and support
  • Build and protect brands
  • Competitive advantage through product sustainability, quality and performance
  • Capturing growth from energy & climate megatrends

Relevant ESG material issues:

  • Sustainable & quality products
  • Energy & climate change
  • Governance, management and advocacy
  • Responsible sourcing
  • Society & Communities

FY23 Progress

  • 63,344m3 Accoya® wood sold
  • Strong underlying market demand drove capacity level volume
  • Brand recognition and loyalty growth through Approved Manufacturer Programme (AMP)

Looking forward

  • Increasing North America sales & marketing activity to grow demand and volumes
  • Further expansion of B2B activities including AMP and collaboration with distributors and manufacturers
  • Increased brand development into B2C space to drive consumer ‘pull’
  • Grow Accoya® Color sales as capacity increases

2. Practice manufacturing excellence

Growing our global manufacturing production capacity.

Doing things faster, better, and more safely.

Our focus

  • Grow manufacturing position and production capacity in Europe and internationally
  • Optimising plants & processes for scalable growth
  • Replicating technology with continuous improvement
  • Safe operations, everywhere
  • Partnering fairly

Relevant ESG material issues

  • Sustainable & quality products
  • Energy & climate change
  • Governance, management and advocacy
  • Responsible sourcing
  • Health and safety
  • People and wellbeing
  • Ecological footprint

FY23 Progress

  • Accoya® Arnhem fourth reactor completed, increasing production capacity by a third to 80,000 m3
  • Ground broken on US plant in Kingsport, Tennessee, w ith initial capacity of around 43,000 m3. Commerical production expected mid 2024
  • New Safety strategy, resources and initiatives, with increased awareness and improved reporting

Looking forward

  • Completion of feasibility study with PETRONAS Chemicals Group Berhad for the construction of a Tricoya® plant in Malaysia
  • Progression of Safety strategy and safety-first culture, new internal ‘Think Safe, Act Safe’ brand

3. Develop our technology

R&D of product and process-related technologies and IP to protect and grow our leading market position.

Our focus

  • Pursuing process technology to enhance efficiency
  • Optimising existing products
  • Protecting our IP
  • Sourcing responsibly
  • Lowering resource use and incorporating circular processes

Relevant ESG material issues:

  • Sustainable & quality products
  • Innovation and technology

FY23 Progress

  • Continued and expanded IP protection and safeguarding
  • Global Technology Centre housing central R&D team to support worldwide expansion
  • Accoya® Color production at Barry site saw 140% production volume increase
  • Ongoing research into alternative source wood species’ performance
  • New automated wood handling equipment installed at Arnhem site to improve handling and efficiency

Looking forward

  • Improving process efficiencies, including from new wood handling process and equipment
  • Longer-term research into potential for additional product categories as overall capacity increases
  • Continue to develop and expand our IP portfolio
  • Research into and assessment of alternative raw materials supply options

4. Build organisational capability

To develop our people and organisational capability to enable us to meet our growth objectives.

Our focus

  • Talent management: Adding new skills and talent
  • Developing our people: Leadership & training
  • Engaged workforce
  • Living our values and culture

Relevant ESG material issues:

  • Governance, management and advocacy
  • People and wellbeing
  • Fair & ethical conduct

FY23 Progress

  • Expanded senior leadership, talent and skills to support growth
  • Achieved ISO 9001 certification for our Arnhem site
  • Operational effectiveness improvement programmes launched
  • Implemented actions to address prior year employee survey feedback
  • Recruitment of new operating roles for our teams to operate new capacity at Arnhem

Looking forward

  • Evolve organisational structure to enable Group to grow effectively in size and geographically
  • Progressive enhancement of processes and management systems
  • Continued improvements resulting from annual employee survey feedback
  • Internal activities to reinforce purpose and values

Our business model:

Giving the world a choice to build sustainably, and creating value for all our stakeholders

Through our sourcing, production, and bringing our products to market, our business model enables Accsys to fulfil our purpose and give the world a choice to build more sustainably.

Our business and products add value at each stage from sourcing through to sale and use, through quality, sustainability, competitive benefits and longevity.

Our Activities

We enhance the natural properties of wood to make high performance building products that are extremely durable and stable, and opening new opportunities for the built environment. Our business and products add value at each stage from sourcing to sale and use, through their quality, sustainability, competitive benefits and longevity.


We obtain all our timber for production from certified sustainable, well-managed and fast-growing forests, primarily in New Zealand.

Proprietary manufacturing

We manufacture our wood products using our proprietary low emission, acetylation wood modification process at our existing plant in the Netherlands.


Accoya® wood sold in FY2023

Global sales and distribution

We work with a network of global distributors to get our sustainable wood products to our customers, who utilise Accoya® and Tricoya® materials to create branded products such as windows, doors, decking, cladding, façades and other external applications.


underlying revenue growth in FY23, which continues to be driven by repeat business

Investing for the future

A key part of our business model involves focusing on growth of our business and production in order to take advantage of the substantial global market opportunity we believe is achievable with our products.

Building new plants and optimising existing sites

We develop and optimise existing sites and processes to benefit from existing skills and leverage operational and financial scale.

We identify new international locations and appropriate partners to develop additional capacity in order to meet our longer-term growth potential in global markets.

Research and development (R&D)

We have developed innovative, proprietary and protected technologies.

We continue to invest in R&D, focused on optimising our existing product offering and technologies and investing in focused technology solutions.

In FY21 we launched a new, unique product to selected markets, offering customers Accoya® wood which is coloured through from surface to core:

Accoya® Color

Working with business partners

Working with the right business partners helps us maximise our potential, enabling our growth to realise the substantial global market opportunity for our products.

We continue to advance our strategic priorities, in particular by working with partners which have resources or technologies that complement our own.

Work progressing towards the planned construction of an Accoya® plant in the USA through our joint venture with Eastman Chemical Company

Our differentiators

We utilise the following resources and relationships, which offer us a competitive advantage in our marketplace:

Our technology and IP

We have developed families of patents, providing robust protection over our proprietary products and processes.

45 countries in which we hold 388 patent family members


Accoya® & Tricoya® fit perfectly in the bio-cycle of the circular economy.

Accoya® is Cradle to Cradle Certified™ at the Gold level

Industry leading brands

Our brands Accoya® and Tricoya® are globally registered trademarks, portraying our products’ sustainable, high quality and long-term performance.

Over 60 countries in which our brands are registered trademarks

Our people and engineering expertise

Our passionate employees are key to the successful execution of the Group’s strategy, together with their valuable know-how and a dedication to the future success of the Group.

Strong industry relationships

We work with equipment manufacturers, wood suppliers, the acetyls industry, testing and certification bodies, and other system supply specialists, to help us develop our technology, products and their place in the market.

Financial strength

With strong profitability progression, a robust balance sheet and cash-generative Accoya® business, we have a strong platform to progress our global growth plans.

underlying EBITDA growth in FY23