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Our Strategy

The strategic priorities that will enable us to achieve our goals and fulfil the substantial growth potential for our business:

1. Grow product demand

To develop market opportunities to drive revenue growth.


  • Accoya ® and Tricoya ® volume sold by key target geographies


  • Focus on significant and growth markets, for example Original Equipment Manufacturers and joinery market
  • Working with our customers to sell our products: — Building long-term customer relationships — Targeting repeat business — Develop critical mass within key markets
  • Build and protect our brands
  • Developing the substantial environmental advantages that our products offer
  • Development of partnerships to allow the above in a cost effective manner

2. Practice manufacturing excellence

To grow manufacturing position in Europe, USA and Malaysia and establish new platforms in key markets in support of, and to enable, demand growth.


  • Operational manufacturing capacity
  • Manufacturing capacity under construction


  • Safe operations, everywhere
  • Develop and optimise existing sites and leverage operational and financial scale
  • Develop existing skills to ensure continuous improvement at all locations
  • Identify new international locations and appropriate partners to develop additional capacity in order to meet longer term growth potential in global markets
  • Product development focused on significant volume and value propositions

3. Develop our technology

To develop technology and IP programmes based on evidence and commercial viability.


  • Optimisation of existing products and technologies
  • Pursuit of focused technology solutions which materially enhance productivity and cost of production

4. Build organisational capability

To develop our people and organisational capability to enable us to meet our growth objectives.


  • Develop, articulate and live our values and culture
  • Develop management and leadership capabilities to support growth ambition
  • Engagement and investment throughout the whole workforce
  • Develop the governance appropriate for the growth of the business

Our business model: creating value for all our stakeholders

Content on this page is extracted from the Accsys Annual Report 2020

Our Activities

We combine chemistry, technology and ingenuity to make high performance wood products that are extremely durable and stable, opening new opportunities for the built environment. We continue to prove the value and quality of our products and processes, opening up growth opportunities for the Group.


We obtain timber from certified sustainable forest resources. We require all of our suppliers to meet the strict chain of custody criteria set out by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) or other similar internationally recognised certification schemes.

Proprietary manufacturing

We manufacture our wood products using our proprietary acetylation wood modification process at our existing plant in the Netherlands.

Accoya® wood sold in FY2020

Global sales and distribution

We work with a network of global distributors to get our sustainable wood products to our customers,
who utilise Accoya® and Tricoya® materials to create branded products such as windows, doors, decking, cladding, façades and other external applications.

revenue growth FY2020,
which continues to be driven
by repeat business

Investing for the future

A key part of our business model involves focusing on growth opportunities, to take advantage of the substantial global market opportunity we believe is achievable with our products.

Building new plants and optimising existing sites

We develop and optimise existing sites and processes to benefit from existing skills and leverage operational and financial scale. We identify new international locations and appropriate partners to develop additional capacity in order to meet our longer-term growth potential in global markets.

Research and development (R&D)

We have developed innovative, proprietary and protected technologies which chemically modify wood through a low emissions acetylation process.

We continue to invest in R&D, focused on optimising our existing product offering and technologies and investing in focused technology solutions, which materially enhance our productivity and cost of production.

Launch of a new coloured Accoya® product to customers from FY21– expected to provide even more choice to customers while retaining the key attributes of durability and stability.

Working with business partners

Working with business partners provides the greatest prospect for taking advantage of the substantial global market opportunity for our products.

We continue to work with our partners in order to achieve our objective of expanding the production footprint globally, in particular, with partners which have resources or technologies which complement our own.

Work is progressing towards the construction of an Accoya® plant in the USA through a potential joint venture with Eastman Chemical Company

Our differentiators

We utilise the following resources and relationships, which offer us a competitive advantage in our marketplace:

Our technology and IP

We have developed families of patents, providing robust protection over our proprietary products and processes.

42 countries in which we hold 331 patents and patent applications


Accoya® & Tricoya® fit perfectly in the bio-cycle of the circular economy.

Accoya® is Cradle to Cradle Certified™ at the Gold level

Industry leading brands

Our brands Accoya® and Tricoya® are globally registered trademarks, portraying our products’ sustainable, high quality and long-term performance.

64 countries in which our products are registered trademarks

Our people and engineering expertise

Our passionate employees are key to the successful execution of the Group’s strategy, together with their valuable know-how and a dedication to the future success of the Group.

45% headcount increase over past 3 years

Strong industry relationships

We work with equipment manufacturers, wood suppliers, the acetyls industry, testing and certification bodies, and other system supply specialists, to help us develop our technology, products and their place in the market.

Financial strength

Solid financial base to fund growth organically and through further investment.

EBIT positive for the Group in FY20

Accoya® Underlying EBIT up 130% vs FY19