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The Accsys Group comprises the holding company (Accsys Technologies PLC) and four wholly-owned subsidiaries (Titan Wood Limited, Titan Wood B.V., Titan Wood Technology B.V. and Titan Wood Inc.), as illustrated below. Each Titan Wood subsidiary trades under the “Accsys” or “Accsys Technologies” name.

Titan Wood Limited is focused on the licensing of wood acetylation technology, in particular the Accoya® wood and Tricoya® brands. Titan Wood B.V. is focused on the production and sale of Accoya® wood to develop end-product applications of Accoya® in major markets and to supply the early product needs of licensees or potential licensees. Titan Wood Technology B.V. is focused on the development of acetylation technologies. Titan Wood Inc. is the US sales and marketing subsidiary of Titan Wood Limited with particular focus on developing the substantial North American market.

Accsys Tricoya consortium structure chart
Updated October 2020

In addition, the Accsys Group includes two further subsidiary companies focused on the exploitation of Tricoya® acetylated wood elements used in the production of durable and stable wood panels:

1. Tricoya Technologies Limited (TTL), in which BP Ventures, Medite, BGF and Lombard Odier Volantis each hold a minority equity interest.

2. TTL’s subsidiary, Tricoya UK Limited, in which BP Chemicals and Medite each hold a minority equity interest, being a special purpose vehicle incorporated to design, build and operate the world’s first Tricoya manufacturing plant.

Accsys also recently announced the formation of Accoya USA LLC, a joint venture with Eastman Chemical Company.