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At Accsys, we hold a strong belief that we have a collective social responsibility to use and develop our technology to tackle climate change and pollution, and such belief, together with health and safety, remains a fundamental priority of our business. Our innovative acetylation technology enables us to sustainably manufacture wood products that make a material difference to the environment as well as offer ‘best in class’ durability, dimensional stability and a wide spectrum of other advantages over alternative fossil fuel dependent or man-made products. This values-led vision also provides an attractive opportunity for our employees, distributors, licensees and other stakeholders.

We want to ensure that our business is not only a commercial success, but also run in a responsible fashion as we continue to advance technologies for a better world. Since our values are based on ‘changing wood to change the world’, the Board believes that leadership and governance play a key part in achieving its strategic aims, and providing long term benefit and success for the business and our shareholders. As such, corporate governance and social responsibility lies at the very core of our business and it is the Board’s job to ensure that corporate governance and social responsibility remains a key focus.

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Details of the Company’s corporate governance arrangements, including its compliance with AIM Rule 26, are set out below. 

Our Annual Report also contains further information about our Corporate Governance.

AIM Admission Document

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