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Our business and our products are closely tied to sustainability, but why is it important – both to the world, and to Accsys?

Demand is growing for environmentally-friendly alternatives in everyday life and in every sector of manufacturing. This reflects the increasing awareness of, desire for, and need for living more sustainably – not just with paper packaging, cardboard straws and reusable shopping bags, but on a grander scale too – the very fabric of our built environment.

A strong belief that we have a collective social responsibility to use and develop our technology to tackle climate change and prevent pollution lies at the very core of our business.

Our process turns fast-growing, sustainable wood into something as or more versatile, stable and long-lasting than either man-made materials or what nature provides. 

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Our products have a low or sometimes even negative CO2 cost for their life cycles, don’t become a toxic or non-biodegradable waste problem, and the source – trees – are actually renewable several times over within the products’ lifetime.

Our acetylated wood resists rot and decay, doesn’t swell or shrink (or at least only a very small amount), and is completely recyclable just like normal wood. 

It is a nearly perfect building material for many uses.

It encourages builders, architects, consumers and specifiers to make sustainable building material choices – locking away carbon instead of using materials that create more emissions, or use more of the world’s limited resources.

In contrast to toxic, man-made and heavily carbon-polluting alternatives, Accsys’ wood products actually benefit the circular economy bio-cycle – making it a force for good in the world, and exceptionally appealing in today’s increasingly environmentally-conscious (and regulated) society.

Accoya® is Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold. As part of that certification, our supply chain, production processes and procedures have been examined and scored on categories including: Material Health (Platinum), Material Reutilisation (Gold), Renewable Energy & Carbon Management (Gold), Water Stewardship (Gold) and Social Fairness (Gold).

You can find out more about the environmental accreditations Accoya® wood has secured on the Accoya® website, including C2C, FSC, Declare, Green Star, Green Label, Dubokeur and more.

Sustainability is a driving force in our markets, and in our purpose as a business, and we consistently secure the accreditations and certifications that recognise our contributions to a more sustainable world.