Accsys and Reddish Joinery Donate Accoya® Wood to Enhance Community Herb Garden in Heaton Moor, Manchester - Accsys Technologies PLC
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Accsys and Reddish Joinery Donate Accoya® Wood to Enhance Community Herb Garden in Heaton Moor, Manchester

May 22, 2024

Accsys the fast growing company that enhances the natural properties of wood to make high performance building products, along with Reddish Joinery have made a generous contribution of Accoya wood for the upgrade of a vibrant community herb garden located in Heaton Moor, Greater Manchester. Reddish Joinery alerted Accsys to the plea from the ‘Sustainable Living in the Heaton’ (SLH) volunteers’ group, seeking ‘a strong, good quality hardwood’ to enable a ‘plastic-free option for obtaining common herbs’.

The exceptional durability and stability of Accoya made it a perfect choice for the edging of the herb garden.  With Accoya’s 50-year above-ground warranty, and 25-year warranty in ground, the community can enjoy a sustainable space that is built to last, requiring minimal maintenance from the SLH volunteers.  To further enhance resilience against wear and tear and pests and insects, Reddish Joinery installed a sheet of Medite® Tricoya® Extreme on the top of the Accoya edging.

Gillian Edwards, Head of Communications and ESG, Accsys Technologies, commented: “When Reddish Joinery made us aware of the call for help from the local community, we knew we had to get involved. The circular nature of the garden and mission to reduce plastic waste resonated with our mission to encourage the use of more sustainable construction materials. The durability and stability of Accoya ensure the garden will be enjoyed by future generations and will minimise maintenance for the volunteers.”

Reddish Joinery not only donated a proportion of the wood but also reconstructed the herb garden bed.

Originally constructed a decade ago, the herb garden was established by local volunteers as a communal space where shoppers could conveniently access fresh herbs, avoiding plastic wrappings. Over the years, it has become a beloved landmark, attracting locals and visitors alike to engage in conversations about herbs and gardening. Due to regular wear and tear as well as people sitting on the sides, the herb garden had been showing signs of deterioration.

Lee Parrott, Managing Director, Reddish Joinery, said: “Our company ethos is to create spaces that are both beautiful and functional. This project aligns perfectly with that ethos, as it not only enhances the aesthetics of the community garden but also ensures its longevity and functionality. When we were made aware of this fantastic opportunity, we knew that Accoya wood was the one for the job.”

Looking ahead, plans are in motion to elevate the garden’s educational value by improving plant labels and providing comprehensive information on growing, cooking, and utilising the herbs. Community members are encouraged to visit the garden, with scissors, and responsibly harvest the herbs as needed, creating a sense of ownership and connection to the project.