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Accsys publishes new Sustainability Report & ESG framework

November 30, 2020

Accsys, the creator of high performance building products Accoya® wood and Tricoya® wood elements, has today published a new Sustainability Report. The report presents the sustainable impacts of Accsys and its products on the world, including new details of the company’s strategy and performance on environmental, social and governance (‘ESG’) topics.

The Accsys Sustainability Report 2020 builds on the recognised sustainable credentials of its Accoya® wood and Tricoya® wood chip products, and details the work the Company has undertaken over the last year to assess the issues most relevant and important to the business, its industry, markets and stakeholders. Having identified the 10 key material issues, Accsys has developed an integrated sustainability framework and strategy aligned with its purpose: ‘Changing wood to change the world’. This approach includes not just identification, mitigation and adaptation, but also the consequent and cumulative impact of both the business’ operations and its sustainable products on the world.

Accsys ESG framework material issues

Rob Harris, CEO of Accsys, commented:

“Sustainability is not just a trend, it is a global imperative. Accsys – our people, our technology, and the products we create – has always had this at heart.  We offer a more sustainable option for developing the built environment, with products grown from renewable sources that sequester carbon and lock it in to a useful, recyclable and non-toxic building material.

“Our goal is to maximise the positive impact of what we do and what we make, capitalise on opportunities for improvements, and minimise any negative impacts or risks from the way we create those products and operate as a business.

“We aim to grow our business in a sustainable way, staying true to our values and purpose: sustainable environmentally, and able to sustain long term success and growth.  This report is an initial output from our ESG review and strategy development work, and marks the start of a new chapter in Accsys’ growth and evolution as a force for sustainable change in the real world.”

The report includes performance metrics for the previous full financial year, Accsys’ approach to the sustainability and ESG issues, case studies and details of specific actions, and plans for the future development and implementation of our strategy.