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Accsys wins Best Natural Building Material award with Accoya

April 22, 2021

On Earth Day 2021, it was announced that Accoya was named as winner of the Best Natural Material category at the Green Home Awards 2021.

These awards celebrate the best in sustainable home building and we are proud that Accoya has been recognised for its quality and sustainability in the built environment.

Accoya is natural wood, enhanced through chemistry, technology and ingenuity – it is a tangible output of our purpose of changing wood to change the world, giving the world a choice to build more sustainably.

Created from fast-growing, certified responsibly managed (FSC®) soft wood, Accoya combines the carbon-trapping benefits of wood with quality and performance that matches or exceeds that of unsustainable and resource-intensive alternatives such as non-renewable hardwoods, metals and plastics.

Visit for more information about its benefits and sustainability credentials.