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Shift Operator, Tricoya Ventures UK Limited

Date joined:   02/01/2019


What made you want to work with Accsys?

The opportunity to be a part of a new process and technology, which will help me to expand both my skill set and experience, was one of the biggest factors that enticed me into wanting to join the Tricoya team at Accsys.


What might a typical work day or week look like for you? 

Currently my role is a lot different as it focuses more on the preparation to allow us to commission and start up the Tricoya plant.

However, once we are steadily manufacturing my role will involve various tasks such as readings, sampling, fault finding and adjusting running parameters to ensure our plant is running safely and successfully and producing the best quality product available.


What do you most enjoy about being part of Accsys?

Being part of a smaller, more close-knit company.


Are you proud to work here, and why?

I am, being part of a new and upcoming green technology which will not only be a world-first plant here in Hull, but could also allow for expansion into other parts of the world – all the while improving sustainability in the products that will be manufactured using our Tricoya product, contributing to a cleaner and more eco-friendly future.


What do you consider your greatest achievement since joining?

Stepping out of my comfort zone to aid in areas and carry out work that I haven’t previously done. It has given me an insight into a number of different roles and a new appreciation for the responsibilities of my fellow co-workers.