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New and modern office building Mežaparka birojs chooses Accoya wood façade for its spectacular work space in Riga, Latvia

Sustainable building in the Baltics

The modern and spectacular Mežaparka birojs office building in the prestigious Mežaparks complex in Riga, Latvia, has chosen Accoya® wood for its extensive façade. Mežaparks is in one of the most beautiful and greenest neighbourhoods in the area. It has …

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Accoya deck tops the Swiss Alps

Accoya® deck tops the Swiss Alps

Hotel Wildstrubel sits high up on the Gemmi pass near Leukerbad in the Swiss Alps. Situated at 2350m above sea level and accessed by modern cable car, the hotel is a popular tourist destination for hiking and mountaineering during the summer and cross-country skiing in …

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OSU - Accoya used in largest USA mass timber project

Largest mass timber project in North America

When scoping their new campus buildings, the Faculty of Forestry at Oregon State University were set on making a statement about the use of wood products in large scale, high performance building design. The buildings, designed by Michael Green Architects …

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‘Wood City’ in Helsinki

A new building complex is underway in downtown Helsinki, Finland. The complex is being developed in two phases, with the first phase consisting of residential buildings and the second phase including a hotel, offices and a courtyard. The project began …

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Accoya wood windows, door, steps and more - Cork House, Berkshire, UK

Carbon Neutral House

An innovative new home in Berkshire, United Kingdom, has been built mainly out of cork. This is a very unconventional method of building, yet one that is very sustainable. The residential home is carbon-neutral and has already won the 2019 …

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