Our People - Rod Graf - Accsys Technologies
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General Manager, Accoya USA 

Joined Accsys: November 2021


What made you want to work for Accsys? 

The exciting part to me was to be at the beginning of the Accoya USA Joint Venture and be a part of building the manufacturing plant, developing a US based business and building an organization.


What might a typical work day or week look like for you?

Typical day is significant amount of Teams meetings and preparing presentations, reports for updating Accoya USA Board of Directors and additional management teams. I try to be out of the office when able and talking with all the team about current activities and if I can be of any assistance in streamlining the process.


What do you most enjoy being part of Accsys?

I enjoy getting to know more about the manufacturing process and working with the teams in London and Arnhem. I enjoy seeing the really unique uses, products and beauty of how our customers create with Accoya.


What are you most proud of since joining?

The leadership team that we’ve brought together here at Accoya USA. The team is very diverse and talented and work very well together. We all see the bright future for Accoya USA and are working and building a culture together to achieve it.


What’s the secret to success at Accsys?
For me, the secret is the product. Accoya is a fabulous product that has no equal in my opinion. I think this is demonstrated in how our customers continue to ask when our Kingsport plant will be on-stream.