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Accsys announces Interwood as new Greek distributor

September 6, 2023

Accsys, the fast growing company that enhances the natural properties of wood to make high performance building products, is growing the international footprint of its high-quality, sustainable wood products with the addition of Interwood as a new distributor in Greece.  

Located in Elefsina Greece and listed on the Athens Stock Exchange, Interwood is the largest timber and construction wood materials wholesaler in Greece. It was founded over 40 years ago and has more than 150 employees across Athens and Thessaloniki, with a strong focus on investing in innovation and committing to more sustainable materials.  

Nicolaos Gerardis, CEO of Interwood-Xylemboria ATENE, commented: “Accoya is an impressive building material and ideal for the hot Greek climate due to its incredible stability and durability. We are thrilled to become a distributor in Greece and look forward to enabling more Greek manufacturers and builders to benefit from sustainable and long lasting Accoya.”   

John Alexander, Group Sales Director, Accsys commented: “Accoya is a sustainably harvested, natural wood, enhanced to be very durable, stable and resistant to the challenges of wet or humid environments.  It is great for the hot climates in Greece and can be used for a wide variety of outdoor applications.  We’re pleased Interwood has chosen to carry Accoya; improving availability of this long-lasting, environmentally responsible building material that people want and need.” 

Accoya has already been used in many projects across Greece, from decking to cladding to windows and doors.  

Accoya wood brings unprecedented reliability for timber; it is manufactured and tested not to visibly swell, shrink or distort. With a 50 year above ground and 25 year in ground and freshwater warranty, it is ideal for Greece’s hot climate, including in windswept and beach and sea front locations.  

With many opportunities across the region this added distribution helps support the growing demand for high performance sustainable products.