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Accsys' Tricoya plant in Hull under construction in June 2020

Shift Operator

We are looking for a Shift Operator to join our Tricoya UK (‘TUK’) team at our new plant on the Saltend site in Hull, UK.

Shift Operators will operate, regulate and monitor the acetylation process to produce Tricoya® wood chips in accordance with specified quality.

This role will initially be day based and move to a 12-hour shift rota as the project progresses.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  • Responsibility for the control and monitoring of the plant production and the control and adjustment of the production process in line with Operating Procedures, Emergency Procedures and Safety Standards and Regulations.
  • Complete plate isolations and de-isolations for operational and maintenance requirements. Maintain correct plant configuration control.
  • Operation of plant equipment such as forklift trucks and pallet trucks
  • Taking samples of finished products and raw materials according to specifications to allow the quality control by the laboratory and / or process operator
  • Complete shift handovers with oncoming shift
  • Inspect the (technical) condition of the installation (parts) and signalling (potential) flaws. Solve “small” disturbances, cleaning of working environment and installation (parts)
  • Support the training and induction of new operators
  • Undertake first line maintenance on the plant and report any significant defects to the duty Shift Supervisor and prioritise maintenance work within the Maintenance Management System
  • Reporting all jobs completed in Maintenance Management System
  • Work and adhere to the safety and environmental instructions
  • Report unsafe conditions directly to the duty Shift Supervisor. If there is immediate danger will shut-down the production process and immediately report to the management team
  • Provides a clean working environment and maintain high standards for assigned housekeeping area

Prior to the full operations of the plant, initial responsibilities will include supporting the development of the Permit for Work system, Operations Risk Assessments and supporting the completion of Operator Task Analysis for the production of operating procedures and operator training material development. Support plant equipment testing and system commissioning activities.

Qualifications and Experience:


  • Minimum NVQ Level 2 (or equivalent) in Process Operations (Desirable)
  • Proven experience within a similar position, ideally a craftsperson with an engineering qualification or trained as an apprentice
  • Exposure to a manufacturing environment – ideally within a similar environment
  • Wood handling or conveyor system experience would be beneficial for this role
  • Fluent written and spoken English

Key Competencies

Focus on Results

  • Result oriented to achieve the goals for production


  • Works with others to achieve goals by sharing information and supporting colleagues
  • Provide explanations in clear terms and keeps colleagues informed of the progress of the work

Attention to Quality & Safety

  • Committed to achieving and maintaining the required quality and safety standards and KPI’s
  • Sets high standards for his/her own performance


  • Shows detailed knowledge & expertise


  • Start-up and handling of actions without the help of others


  • Demonstrate high levels of involvement and engagement at all times
  • Identify issues/problems and actively seek ideas/solutions

Tricoya UK Ltd Overview:

Tricoya UK (TUK) Ltd is a joint venture between Tricoya Technologies Ltd, Medite Europe DAC and BP Chemicals.  The company is building and operating the first Tricoya® production plant at our Saltend site in Hull, UK.

Tricoya® Wood Elements ( are produced using Accsys’ proprietary technology for the acetylation of wood chips and particles, for use in the fabrication of panel products such as medium density fibreboard and particle-board.  These products demonstrate enhanced durability and dimensional stability which allow them to be used in a variety of applications that were once limited to tropical hardwood or man-made products.

The TUK plant will operate with a team of around 30 people for the first line and there is the potential to extend in the future.

How to apply:

Send your CV on email with covering note, stating which role you are applying for, to [email protected]
We are unable to consider applications through any other means or channels.