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Accsys publishes latest ESG reports

August 3, 2023

Accsys is pleased to share the latest updates showcasing Accsys’ commitment to transparency and sustainability. We pride ourselves in setting a best practice example for our industry and we currently report against several internationally recognised ESG standards.  

Documents we have recently published include the GRI (Global Reporting Index) content indexSASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) reportESG data table, and an ESG section in our Annual Report 2023. These reports serve as crucial tools for reviewing our ESG performance and giving our stakeholders transparency and insights into our sustainable business practices. The content of these documents includes data from across the business on:

  • Environmental indicators (e.g. greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, waste management)
  • Social indicators (e.g. employee metrics, health and safety data, charitable donations)
  • Governance indicators (e.g. board structure, executive compensation, anti-corruption measures)

This year Accsys has also published its scope 3 emissions for the first time in our ESG data table. Scope 3 emissions include indirect greenhouse gas emissions that occur in the supply chain of our business. Scope 3 emissions are the most challenging to quantify and control because they involve complex and indirect relationships with our suppliers, customers, and stakeholders throughout the value chain.

Other key sustainability highlights from our business, which can be seen in the Annual Report include:

  • 100% of our wood comes from FSC (CO12330) certified® sustainable sources
  • 50,827 tCO2 sequestered in our products sold in FY23
  • €72,219 donated to charitable activities
  • Increased renewable electricity usage as a proportion of total electricity 

By transparently disclosing our ESG information and embracing industry-leading certifications, we continue to set the bar high for sustainable performance compared to other building materials on the market.